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ID Title Publisher Author Year Actions
13545 Britannia has Wings Hutchinson Hurd, A 1942 Detail
13546 Four Ark Royals, The Kimber Apps, M 1976 Detail
13547 Modern Airlines and Airliners Temple Press Taylor, HA 1954 Detail
13548 Aircraft of the RAF Lister, N 1942 Detail
13549 Thunderbolt: A Documentary History of the Republic P-47 Macdonald & Jane's Freeman, R 1978 Detail
13550 B-29 Superfortress at War Ian Allan Anderton, DA 1978 Detail
13551 Harrier at War Ian Allan Price, A 1984 Detail
13552 Royal Air Force Today and Tomorrow, The Ian Allan Mason, RA 1982 Detail
13553 Observer's Book of Aircraft 1954 Frederick Warne Green, W & Pollinger, G 1954 Detail
13554 Lord Austin - the man Sidgwick & Jackson Lambert, ZE & Wyatt, RJ 1968 Detail
13555 1081 Royal Air Force Field Service Pocket Book 1924 Air Ministry 1925 Detail
13556 Petrol-Engined Model Aeroplanes Percival Marshall Bowden, CE 1937 Detail
13557 Design and Construction of Flying Model Aircraft, The Harborough Russell, DA 1940 Detail
13558 Multi Channel Radio Control Model Aeronautical Press Warring, RH 1965 Detail
13559 British Forces Motor Cycles 1925-45 Budding Books Orchard, CJ & Madden, SJ 1995 Detail
13560 Photos: Shuttleworth Collection Aircraft and others (Album) 1958 Detail
13561 Electrical Ignition for Internal Combustion Engines Bibliobazaar Codd, MA 2009 Detail
13562 French Aircraft Engines of World War I (reprinted from Textbook of Aero engines 1920) F A Stokes 1920 Detail
13563 Swordfish: Fairey Swordfish Mks I - III Linewrights Ltd 1988 Detail
13564 Winged Warfare Crecy Publishing Ltd Bishop, William Avery "Billy" 2001 Detail
13565 Consolidated B-24 Liberator Crowood Press Bowman, MW 2004 Detail
13566 Lancaster: the History of Britain's Most Famous World War II Bomber Parragon Chant, CC 2003 Detail
13567 Fairey Swordfish and Albacore Crowood Press Harrison, WA 2002 Detail
13568 Aircraft of the National Air and Space Museum Smithsonian Institution Press Oakes, CM (ed) 1976 Detail
13569 Century of Flight: a Celebration of 100 years of powered flight Key Publishing Ltd Nicholls, M (ed) 2003 Detail
13570 Thunder in the Heavens: Classic American Aircraft of World War II Salamander Books Ltd Bowman, M 2002 Detail
13571 Spirits in the Sky: Classic Aircraft of World War II Salamander Books Ltd Bowman, M 2002 Detail
13572 de Havilland: A Pictorial Tribute Airlife Bain, G 1992 Detail
13573 Bomber Command 1939-1945 Ian Allen Publishing Carter, I 2000 Detail
13574 Curtiss SB2C Helldiver Crowood Press Ltd Smith, PC 2004 Detail
13575 Fighter Command 1939-1945 Harper Collins Oliver, D 2000 Detail
13576 Naval Air Power: the Complete History from 1914 to Present Harper Collins Ireland, B 2003 Detail
13577 United States Air National Guard Aerospace Publishing Ltd Francillon, RJ 1993 Detail
13578 Mad About Flying: Celebrating 100 Years of Aviation Global Book Publishing Pty Ltd Marshall, D & Harris, B 2003 Detail
13579 Flight: 100 Years of Aviation Dorling Kindersley Ltd Grant, RG 2002 Detail
13580 Schneider Trophy Contests 1913-1931 Real Photogrphs Co Ltd Hawks, E 1945 Detail
13581 Airmen's Mathematics Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons Ltd Hearley, MJC & Smith, RL 1941 Detail
13582 Fighter Planes: US Army - US Air Force: P-1 to F-100 Edward J Farley Farley, EJ 1956 Detail
13583 Camouflage of 1939-1942 Aircraft Camouflage Publications Ltd Thetford, OG 1946 Detail
13584 Invasion 1940: an account of the German preparations and the British counter-measures Hamish Hamilton Fleming, P 1958 Detail
13585 RP News: September 1946: Radar, Sopwith Triplanes, Russian convoy etc. Real Photographs Co Ltd 1946 Detail
13586 Aircraft Recognition for the Ground Observer Royal Canadian Air Force 0 Detail
13587 Hurricane: the Story of a Great Fighter Harborough Publishing Co Ltd Lloyd, FHM 1945 Detail
13588 AP 1867C, D, E, F, G, & J -- Pilot's Notes: Liberator II, V, VI & VIII Air Ministry 1944 Detail
13589 AP 2025 - P.N. Mustang III, Packard Merllin V-1650-3 engine Air Ministry 1944 Detail
13590 AP 2099B, C, D, E, F: Fortress GR.IIA, GR.II & III, BII & BIII Air Ministry 1944 Detail
13591 Pilots Memo for Sabre 6 Aircraft Canadair 1958 Detail
13592 Fifty Years of Aeronautical Research National Aeronautics & Space 1967 Detail
13593 Wiley Post, His 'Winnie Mae', & the World's First Pressure Suit Smithsonian Institution Press Mohler, SR & Johnson, BH 1971 Detail
13594 First Airplane Diesel Engine: Packard Model DR-980 of 1928 Smithsonian Institution Press Meyer, RB 1964 Detail
13595 First Nonstop Coast-toCoast Flight and Historic T-2 Airplane (1923) Smithsonian Institution Press Casey, LS 1964 Detail
13610 Early Flying Machines 1799-1909 Eyre Methuen Gibbs-Smith, CH 1975 Detail
13617 Flying: The Golden Years HC Blossom Prior, R 1991 Detail
13620 Bombers Between The Wars 1919-1939 Blandford Munson, K 1970 Detail
13621 Fighters Between The Wars 1919-1939 Blandford Munson, K 1970 Detail
13623 Flying Boats And Seaplanes Since 1910 Blandford Munson, K 1971 Detail
13629 Aeroplane Pictorial Review No 4 Temple Press Ltd Casey, LS 1959 Detail
13630 Air Fighting 1914-18 Imperial War Museum Simkins, P 1978 Detail
13631 First Air War: a Pictorial History 1914-1919 Brassey's Treadwell, TC & Wood, AC 1996 Detail
13632 Bristol Beaufighter Airlife Bingham, V 1994 Detail
13633 Bristol F2B Fighter Ian Allan Ltd Bowyer, C 1985 Detail
13634 Civil Aircraft of Yesteryear Ian Allan Ltd Munson, K 1965 Detail
13635 Airman's War 1914-18, The Blandford Press Liddle, PH 1987 Detail
13637 General View of Japanese Military Aircraft in the Pacific War Aireview (Kanto-Sha Co Ltd) 1953 Detail
13638 Years of the Sky Kings, The Macdonald & Co Ltd Whitehouse, A 1960 Detail
13639 Red Air Force, The The Pilot Press Stroud, J 1943 Detail
13640 Airliners since 1946 Blandford Press Munson, K 1972 Detail
13641 Fighters in Service: Attack and Training aircraft since 1960 Blandford Press Munson, K 1971 Detail
13642 Bombers in Service: Patrol and Transport Aircraft since 1960 Blandford Press Munson, K 1972 Detail
13643 Israeli Air Force Story, The Book Club Associates Rubinstein, M & Goldman, R 1979 Detail
13644 Zero Fighter Macdonald & Co Ltd Caidin, M 1970 Detail
13645 Bombing Colours: British bomber camouflage and markings 1914-1937 Patrick Stephens London Robertson, B 1972 Detail
13646 Swordfish Story, The Arms and Armour Press Sturtivant, R 1993 Detail
13647 Wings of War: Fighting WWII in the Air Greenhill Books Ethell, JL 1994 Detail
13648 Royal Air Force of World War Two: In Colour 'Arms and Armour Freeman, RA 1993 Detail
13649 United States Naval Fighters of World War II Blandford Presds O'Leary, M 1980 Detail
13650 Italian Aircraft of WWII Delta editrice snc -Parma Sgarlato, Nico 1979 Detail
13651 World War II Aircraft in Combat: 43 Famous Warplanes Depicted in Raging Conflict ARCO Publishing Co Inc Bavousett, GB 1976 Detail
13652 Flight: the Five Ages of Aviation Magna Books Blake, J 1987 Detail
13657 Pictorial History Of The RAF Vol Two 1939-1945 Ian Allan Taylor, JWR & Moyes, PJR 1980 Detail
13675 Bomber Commander: the Life of James H Doolittle Sidgwick & Jackson Thomas, L & Jablonski, E 1977 Detail
13676 Air Marshals, The: the Air War in Western Europe Macdonald & Co Ltd Andrews, A 1970 Detail
13677 AVRO: The History of an Aircraft Company Airlife Holmes, H 1994 Detail
13678 History of the Fleet Air Arm: From Kites to Carriers Airlife Finnis, B 2000 Detail
13679 British Naval Aviation: The Fleet Air Arm 1917-1990 Arms & Armour Press Ltd Sturtivant, R 1990 Detail
13680 Army in the Air, The: History of the Army Air Corps Alan Sutton Publishing Ltd Farrar-Hockley, General Sir A 1994 Detail
13681 Fleet Air Arm in Camera, The: 1912-1996 Sutton Publishing Ltd Hayward, R 1996 Detail
13682 Great American Air Battles of World War II Airlife Publishing Ltd Bowman, MW 1994 Detail
13683 Fleet Air Arm 1920-1939 Arms and Armour Press Sturtivant, R 1990 Detail
13684 T-6 Texan: the Immortal Pilot Trainer Osprey Publishing Ltd Jesse, W 1991 Detail
13685 Navy Air Colors: US Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard Aircraft Camouflage & Markings Squadron/Signal Publications Inc Doll, E - Jackson, BR - Riley, WA 1983 Detail
13686 Bomber Offensive: the Devastation of Europe Macdonald & Co Ltd Frankland, N 1970 Detail
13687 Flying Tigers: Chennault in China Pan/Ballantine Heiferman,R 1972 Detail
13688 Early Aviation: Man Conquers the Air Macdonald Saundby, Sir R 1971 Detail
13689 Rocket Fighter Macdonald Green, W 1971 Detail
13690 Open Cockpit:a Pilot of the Royal Flying Corps Jarrolds Publishers Ltd Lee, AG 1969 Detail
13691 Survival in the Sky William Kimber & Co Ltd Barker, R 1976 Detail
13692 Dauntless Dive Bomber of World War II Airlife Publishing Ltd Tillman, B 1993 Detail
13693 German Army Air Service: Pictorial History 1914-1918 Ian Allan Ltd Imrie, A 1971 Detail
13694 Royal Flying Corps in France: from Bloody April 1917 to Final Victory Constable & Co Ltd Barker, R 1995 Detail
13695 Royal Flying Corps in France: from Mons to the Somme Constable & Co Ltd Barker, R 1994 Detail
13696 Short Sunderland in World War II Airlife Publishing Ltd Hendrie, A 1994 Detail
13697 Britain's First Warplanes: a Pictorial Survey of the First 400 Naval and Military Aircraft Ams and Armour Press Ltd Bruce, JM 1987 Detail
13698 Pictorial History of the Luftwaffe Ian Allan Price, A 1969 Detail
13699 Spitfire: the Combat History Airlife Publishing Ltd Jackson, R 1995 Detail
13700 1107: a Manual of Rigging for Aircraft Air Ministry 1925 Detail
13712 British Aeroplanes 1914-18 Putnam Bruce, JM 1969 Detail
13713 Aircraft of the Royal Air Force since 1918 Putnam Thetford, O 1957 Detail
13714 German Fighter, The -- since 1915 Putnam Kosin, R 1988 Detail
13715 Enclyclopedia of Civil Aircraft: profiles and specifications for civil aircraft from 1920s-present Aurum Press Ltd Donald, D (ed) 1999 Detail
13716 Textbook of Applied Aeronautic Engineering The Century Co., NY Woodhouse, H 1920 Detail
13717 Combat Aircraft of WW Arms and Armour Press Weal, EC; Weal, JA; Barker, RF 1977 Detail
13718 Hendon Aerodrome: a History Airlife Publishing Ltd Oliver, D 1994 Detail
13719 Aircraft: Airships, Aeroplanes etc. C. Arthur Pearson Ltd Corbin, TW 1917 Detail
13720 British Fighter Planes Faber & Faber Ltd Grey, CG 1941 Detail
13721 Kite Balloons: Construction, Repairs etc Airships Ltd Dagnall, RF 1916 Detail
13722 Famous Aircraft W & R Chambers Ltd Coble, H & Payne, AR 1937 Detail
13724 Aircraft George Newnes Ltd an 'Air Pilot' 0 Detail
13725 Fairey Firefly Airlife Publishing Ltd Harrison, W 1992 Detail
13726 Flying Memories John Hamilton Ltd Bradshaw, SO 1935 Detail
13727 Spitfire in action Squadron/Signal Publications Scutts, J 1980 Detail
13728 Harrier in action Squadron/Signal Publications Linn, D 1982 Detail
13729 Allied Aces of World War II Arco Publishing Co Inc Hess, WN 1966 Detail
13730 Messerschmitt Bf.109 Arco Publishing Co Inc Craig, JF 1968 Detail
13756 War Diaries of Neville Duke 1941-1944 Grub Street Franks, N (ed) 1995 Detail
13757 Airfield Focus 49: Witney GMS Enterprises Davis, P 2002 Detail
13758 ABC of Airports and Airliners Ian Allan Ltd Thetford, OG 1948 Detail
13759 In the Skies of Europe: Air forces allied to the Luftwaffe 1939-1945 Crowood Press Ltd Neulen, HW 2000 Detail
13760 Wings of the Eagle: a history of German aviation RAF Museum 0 Detail
13761 Japanese Aircraft 1943 The Aeroplane 1943 Detail
13762 Photographic Records of the Great War 1914-1918 (Air Services) Imperial War Museum 0 Detail
13763 Warplanes of the Luftwaffe Aerospace Donald, D ed 1994 Detail
13764 Second World War in the West Cassell Messenger, C 1999 Detail
13765 War in the Air 1914-1945 Cassell Murray, W 1999 Detail
13766 Aces and Airmen of World War I Brassey's Wood, AC 2002 Detail
13767 Mosquito: the Illustrated History Sutton Publishing Birtles, PJ 1998 Detail
13768 Luftwaffe in Camera, The: 1939-1942 Sutton Publishing Price, A 1997 Detail
13778 First Light Penguin Wellum, G 2003 Detail
13783 Flying Colours Salamander Green, W & Swanborough, G 1981 Detail
13784 Model T Ford Shire Publications Wood, J 1999 Detail
13785 London Taxi Shire Publications Georgano, N 2000 Detail
13786 Bullnose Morris Shire Publications Wood, J 2001 Detail
13787 USAAF Fighter Units Europe 1942-45 Osprey Publishing Ltd Francillon, RJ 1977 Detail
13788 Finnish Air Force 1918-1968 Osprey Publishing Ltd Shores, CF 0 Detail
13789 USAAF Heavy Bomb Group: Boeing B-17 markings and camouflage 1941-45 Osprey Publishing Ltd Munday, EA & Ward, R 1973 Detail
13790 USAAF Heavy Bomb Group: Consolidated B-24 Liberator: markings and camouflage 1941-45 Osprey Publishing Ltd Munday, EA & Ward, R 1972 Detail
13791 USAAF Medium Bomber Unit: ETO & MTO, 1942-45 Osprey Publishing Ltd Francillon, RJ 1977 Detail
13792 Air War Over Korea squadron/signal publications Davis, L 1982 Detail
13793 Flying at Hendon: a Pictorial Record Routledge & Kegan Paul Smith, CR (ed) 1974 Detail
13794 World's Famous Racing Aircraft 1925-1953 Underwood, JW 1953 Detail
13795 Focke-Wulf Fw190 Described: Part 1 Kookaburra Technical Publicaions Pentland, G & Shennan, A 1968 Detail
13796 Focke-Wulf Fw190 & Ta152 Described: Part 2 Kookaburra Technical Publicaions Pentland, G & Shennan, A 1969 Detail
13797 Heinkel Combat Aircraft Arms and Armour Press Griehl, M 1992 Detail
13798 Piston Aero Engines, development of Patrick Stephens Ltd Gunston, B 1993 Detail
13799 Fighting Colors: Century Series in Color squadron/signal publications Drendel, L 1980 Detail
13800 War Planes of the First World War: Fighters: Vol One Macdonald & Co Bruce, JM 1965 Detail
13801 War Planes of the First World War: Fighters: Vol Two Macdonald & Co Bruce, JM 1968 Detail
13802 War Planes of the First World War: Fighters: Vol Three Macdonald & Co Bruce, JM 1969 Detail
13803 War Planes of the First World War: Fighters: Vol Four Macdonald & Co Bruce, JM 1972 Detail
13804 War Planes of the First World War: Fighters: Vol Five Macdonald & Co Bruce, JM 1972 Detail
13805 Tribute: Combat Experiences of the Military & Aviation Book Society Military & Aviaiton Book Society Sidnell, P (ed) 2002 Detail
13806 From Box-Kites to Bombers John Long Ltd Fyfe, G 1936 Detail
13807 Airplanes of the World Simon & Schuster, NY Rolfe, D & Dawydoff, A 1954 Detail
13808 Bean, The: the history of Bean vehicles Shire Publications Ltd Wood, J 2001 Detail
13809 Humber, the Shire Publications Ltd Georgano, N 1990 Detail
13810 Austin Seven Shire Publications Ltd Wood, J 1999 Detail
13811 Airships Shire Publications Ltd Abbott, P 1991 Detail
13812 Ships and Aircraft of the US Fleet Ships and Aircraft Fahey, JC 1945 Detail
13813 US Army Aircraft 1908-1946 Ships and Aircraft Fahey, JC 1946 Detail
13814 Conquer the Sky Metro Books Rabinowitz, H 1996 Detail
13815 Military Aviation Library World War II: Japanese and Italian Aircraft Leisure Books Gunston, B 1985 Detail
13816 Illustrated Anatomy of the World's Fighters, An Salamander Green, W & Swanborough, G 2001 Detail
13817 Hurricane: The Illustrated History PSL Birtles, PJ 2001 Detail
13818 Airfix: Celebrating 50 Years of the Greatest Plastic Kits in the World Book People Ward, A 1999 Detail
13819 Vickers Armstrongs Wellington Crowood Delve, K 1998 Detail
13820 Mighty Eighth Warplanes and Heraldry, The Arms and Armour Freeman, RA 1997 Detail
13821 Fokker Aircraft of World War One Crowood Leaman, P 2001 Detail
13822 Eyes of the RAF: A History of Photo-Reconnaissance Bramley Nesbit, RC 1997 Detail
13823 Avro CF-100, The Canav Milberry, L 1987 Detail
13824 B-17 Flying Fortress, The Spellmount Jackson, R 2001 Detail
13825 Avro Arrow: from its evolution to its extinction Boston Mills Press 1980 Detail
13826 Schneider Trophy: Diamond Jubilee Waterfront Publications Smith, A 1991 Detail
13827 US AAF 1926-1945 Sutton Publishing Bowman, MW 2000 Detail
13828 B-17 Flying Fortress Story Arms & Armour Freeman, RA 1999 Detail
13829 Mustang Story Arms & Armour Delve, K 1999 Detail
13830 Bombers of the Luftwaffe Arms & Armour Press Dressel, J & Griehl, M 1994 Detail
13831 Aerospace Encyclopedia of Air Warfare: Vol One 1911-1945 Aerospace Publishing Ltd March, DJ & Heathcott, J (eds) 1997 Detail
13832 T-6: a pictorial record of the Harvard, Texan and Wirraway Airlife Publishing Ltd Smith, PC 1995 Detail
13833 Shark's Teeth Nose Art Airlife Publishing Ltd Ethell, JL 1992 Detail
13834 Faded Glory: Airline Colour Schemes of the Past Airlife Publishing Ltd Morton, JK 1991 Detail
13835 Luftwaffe: the illustrated history of the German Air Force in WWII Aurum Press Pimlott, J (ed) 1998 Detail
13836 World War One in the Air: a Pictorial History Crowood Press Ltd Delve, K 1997 Detail
13837 Battle of Britain, The BCA Turner, JF 1999 Detail
13838 Ernest K Gann's Flying Circus Hodder & Stoughton Gann, EK 1974 Detail
13839 Burning Blue, The: a new history of the Battle of Britain Pimlico Addison, P & Crang, JA (eds) 2000 Detail
13840 British Aircraft Manufacturers Since 1908 Ian Allan Publishing Endres, G 1995 Detail
13841 World Airline Insignia Hamlyn Wynn, H 1973 Detail
13842 Guinness Book of Flying Blunders Guiness Publishing Regan, G 1996 Detail
13843 Back to the Drawing Board: Aircraft That Flew But Never Took Off Airlife Publishing Ltd Gunston, B 1996 Detail
13844 Sunderland Squadrons of World War 2 Osprey Publishing Lake, J 2000 Detail
13845 Mosquito Photo-Reconnaissance Units of World War 2 Osprey Publishing Bowman, M 1999 Detail
13846 Condor Legion: the Wehrmacht's Training Ground Ian Allan Westwell, I 2004 Detail
13847 F4U Corsair at War Ian Allan Abrams, R 1977 Detail
13848 P-40 Hawks at War Ian Allan Christy, J & Ethell, J 1979 Detail
13849 Luftwaffe Camouflage and Markings 1935-45 Vol 1 Kookaburra Merrick, KA 1973 Detail
13850 Luftwaffe Camouflage and Markings 1935-45 Vol 2 Kookaburra Smith, JR & Gallaspy, JD 1976 Detail
13851 Luftwaffe Camouflage and Markings 1935-45 Vol 3 Kookaburra Smith, JR & Gallaspy, JD 1977 Detail
13852 German Aircraft Markings 1939-1945 Ian Allan Merrick, KA 1977 Detail
13853 Werner Voss Albatros Hylands, D 1986 Detail
13854 RAF: A History of the Royal Air Force Through Its Aircraft Windward Fitzsimons, B 1983 Detail
13855 Curtiss Hawks, The Wolverine Press Shamburger, P & Christy, J 1972 Detail
13856 DC-3 and C-47 Gooney Birds Airlife O'Leary, M 1992 Detail
13857 B-26 Marauder at War Ian Allan Ltd Freeman, RA 1977 Detail
13858 Men and Machines of the Australian Flying Corps Kookaburra Schaedel, C 1972 Detail
13859 German Aircraft Industry and Production Airlife Vajda, FA & Dancey, P 1998 Detail
13860 Luftwaffe in Camera 1942-1945, The Sutton Price, A 1998 Detail
13861 Bristol Blenhein, The CrÚcy Warner, G 2002 Detail
13862 Fighters of the Luftwaffe Arms and Armour Dressel, J & Griehl, M 1993 Detail
13863 Luftwaffe: A Pictorial History Crowood Mombeek, E 1997 Detail
13864 Wings of War: Fighting WWII in the Air Greenhill Ethell, JL 1994 Detail
13865 Avenger at War Ian Allan Tillmann, B 1979 Detail
13866 P-38 Lightning at War Ian Allan Christy, J & Ethell, J 1978 Detail
13867 P-47 Thunderbolt at War Ian Allan Hess, WN 1976 Detail
13868 Canada's Wings 2: The Liberator and Fortress Canada's Wings Vincent, C 1975 Detail
13869 Messerschmitt Bf109 at War Ian Allan Ishoven, A v 1977 Detail
13870 Hawker Typhoon, Tempest and Sea Fury Crowood Darling, K 2003 Detail
13871 Petlyakov PE-2 'Peshka' Crowood Smith, PC 2003 Detail
13872 Junkers Aircraft & Engines 1913-1945 Putnam Kay, AL 2004 Detail
13873 Air War over Russia Ian Allan Brookes, A 2003 Detail
13874 Luftwaffe Squadrons 1939-45 Amber Bishop, C 2006 Detail
13875 Burcher Bird: the Focke-Wulf Fw190 Cerberus Publishing Ltd Shacklady, E 2003 Detail
13876 Hawker Typhoon: the Combat History Airlife Publishing Ltd Bickers, RT 1999 Detail
13877 Aviation in Canada McGraw-Hill Ryerson Ltd Milberry, L 1979 Detail
13878 Hurricanes Over Singapore Grub Street Cull, B 2004 Detail
13879 Chianti Raiders, The: Extraordinary Story of the Italian Air Force in the Battle of Britain Robson Books Haining, P 2005 Detail
13880 From Biplane to Spitfire: the Life of Air Chief Marshal Sir Geoffrey Salmond Leo Cooper Baker, A 2003 Detail
13881 Dr Eckener's Dream Machine: the Historic Saga of the Round-the-World Zeppelin Harper Collins Botting, D 2001 Detail
13882 English Electric Canberra Pen & Sword Aviation Halpenny, BB 2005 Detail
13883 Malta Spitfire: The Diary of a Fighter Pilot Greenhill Beurling, GF & Roberts, L 2002 Detail
13884 Real Good War, A Cassell Halpert, S 2001 Detail
13885 Thames Valley Airfields in the Second World War: Berks, Bucks and Middx Countryside Books Brooks, RJ 2005 Detail
13886 Malta Aviation Museum Ta'Qali Anthony Spiteri Spiteri, A 2005 Detail
13887 Greatest Adventure, The Headline Piccard, B & Jones, B 1999 Detail
13889 Battle of Britain Day: 15 September 1940 Greenhill Price, A 1999 Detail
13890 Stirling Story, The Crecy Publilshing Ltd Bowyer, MJF 2002 Detail
13891 Cinderella Service: RAF Coastal Command 1939-1945 Pen & Sword Aviation Hendrie, A 2006 Detail
13892 Guinness Book of Air Force Blunders Guinness Publishing Regan, G 1996 Detail
13893 Century of Triumph, A: the History of Aviation Simon & Schuster Inc Chant, C 2002 Detail
13920 Aircraft of the British Empire Sampson Low, Marston & Co Ltd Bridgman, L 1940 Detail
13921 Birth of the Royal Air Force Pitman & Sons Ltd Chamier, JA 1943 Detail
Record 8750 - 9000 of 11707
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