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ID Title Publisher Author Year Actions
12726 Air Corps: Aerial Gunnery and Bombing US War Department 1935 Detail
12727 Historic Airships Macrae Smith Company Holland, RS 1928 Detail
12728 Fighter Aircraft of World Wars I & II Lorenz Books Crosby, F 2004 Detail
12729 Flying Fortress: the Story of the Boeing Bomber Charles Scribner's Sons Collison, T 1943 Detail
12730 Soviet Aviation and Air Power Brassey's Publishers Ltd Higham, R & Kipp, JW (eds.) 1978 Detail
12731 Harrier Jane's Sweetman, B 1984 Detail
12732 From Crate to Clipper Jane's Sweetman, B 1984 Detail
12733 Canvas Falcons, The Barnes & Noble Longstreet, S 1970 Detail
12734 Handling the Big Jets ARB Davies, DP 1969 Detail
12735 Air Piloting: a Manual of Flight Instruction Ronald Press Compay Simmons, V 1939 Detail
12736 Arctic War Planes: Alaska Aviation of WWII Bonanza Books Mills, SE 1978 Detail
12737 Basic Flying US Air Training Command Mills, SE 1948 Detail
12738 Boeing B-29 Handbook US Army Air Corps Mills, SE 0 Detail
12740 Free to Fight Again William Kimber Cooper, AW 1988 Detail
12741 Fighter Boys Harper Collins Bishop, P 2003 Detail
12742 Sky Battles, Sky Warriors Brockhampton Press Price, A 1994 Detail
12743 In the Air: Three Years on and above Three Fronts New Library Inc Hall, B 1918 Detail
12744 We Were WASPS Wood,W 1994 Detail
12745 War Pilot of Orange Pictorial Histories Publishing Co Vanderstok, B 1987 Detail
12746 Ocean Bridge: the History of RAF Ferry Command University of Toronto Press Christie, CA 1995 Detail
12747 Hostile Skies: a Combat History of the American Air Service in World War I Syracuse University Press Hudson, JJ 1984 Detail
12748 Taming the Taildragger: a Flight Manual for Classic Tailwheel Type Aircraft Goldstar Enterprises Ball, J 1987 Detail
12749 That's My Story EP Dutton & Co Inc Corrigan, D 1938 Detail
12750 Log Book: Fifty Years of General Aviation Prop Press Associates Lane, FA 1977 Detail
12751 Fighting Lavochkin Aviation International Alashnin, ME 0 Detail
12752 Pima Air and Space Museum, Tucson, Arizona 1995 Detail
12753 Flying the Old Planes Doubleday & Co Inc Tallman, F 1973 Detail
12754 Story of the Airship, The (Non-Rigid) Akron, Ohio Allen, H 1943 Detail
12755 Jeppeson Computer Model CR Jeppeson & Co 1960 Detail
12756 Seven Came Through Doubleday, Doran & Co Inc Rickenbacker, EV 1943 Detail
12757 Fighting the Flying Circus Time-Life Books Inc Rickenbacker, EV 1990 Detail
12758 We Grosset & Dunlap Lindbergh, CA 1927 Detail
12759 Roscoe Turner: Aviation's Master Showman Smithsonian Institution Press Glines, CV 1995 Detail
12760 Black Magic: America's Spyplanes: SR-71 and U-2 Motorbooks International O'Leary, M and Schulzinger, E 1989 Detail
12761 Phantom Jane's Publishing Co Ltd Sweetman, B 1984 Detail
12762 US National Aircraft Collection Smithsonian Institution 1932 Detail
12763 AP 2445D - PN Dakota IV Air Ministry 1946 Detail
12764 Flight of the Southern Cross National Travel Club, New York Kinsford-Smith, CE & Ulm, CTP 1929 Detail
12765 Igor Sikorsky: the Russian Years Smithsonian Institution Press Finne, KN 1987 Detail
12766 We Reach the Moon Bantam Books Wilford, JN 1969 Detail
12767 I Flew with the Lafayette Escadrille EC Seale & Co Inc Parsons, EC 1937 Detail
12768 Naval Aviation Guide US Naval Institute Cagle, MW (Rear Admiral, USN) 1969 Detail
12769 Practical Air Navigation: Civil Aeronautics Bulletin No. 24 US Department of Commerce Lyon, TC 1945 Detail
12771 Pancho: the Biography of Florence Lowe Barnes Little Buttes Publishing Co Schultz, BH 1996 Detail
12772 Red Baron, the Barnes & Noble Von Richtofen, M 1995 Detail
12773 Billy Bishop: Canadian Hero James Lorimer & Co, Toronto McCaffery, D 1988 Detail
12774 National Geographic Magazine: special issue on US involvement in WW! air operations National Geographic 1918 Detail
12775 Meteorology for Pilots: Civil Aeronautics Bulletin No 2 US Department of Commerce Haynes, BC 1943 Detail
12776 Falcons of France Little, Brown & Co Nordhoff, C & Hall, JN 1941 Detail
12777 Happy Bottom Riding Club: the Life and Times of Pancho Barnes Random House Kessler,L 2000 Detail
12778 Legacy of Leadership 1909-1996 Lockheed Martin 1997 Detail
12779 Madcaps, Millionaires and "Mose" Heritage Press Underwood, J 1984 Detail
12780 Airways to Airlines: a 50 Year History of Commercial Aviation Meyers, J & Miller, EM 1975 Detail
12781 Gold Book of Naval Aviation Association of Naval Aviation USA 1985 Detail
12782 Russian Civil and Military Aircraft 1884-1969 Argus Books Ltd Nowarra, HJ & Duval, GR 1976 Detail
12783 Soviet Air Force Fighters: Part 1 Arco Publishing Co Inc Green, W & Swanborough, G 1977 Detail
12784 Flying Manual 1929 Experimental Aircraft Association 1993 Detail
12785 Flying and Glider Manual 1931 Experimental Aircraft Association 1993 Detail
12786 Flying and Glider Manual 1932 Experimental Aircraft Association 1993 Detail
12787 Flying Manual 1933 Experimental Aircraft Association 1993 Detail
12788 Fighters: the World's Great Aces and Their Planes Barnes & Noble Park, E 1990 Detail
12789 Rickenbacker Prentice-Hall, Inc Rickenbacker, EV 1967 Detail
12796 They Saved London Hamilton & Co (Stafford) Ltd Newman, B 1955 Detail
12797 Finest Hour: the Book of the BBC TV Series Hodder & Stoughton Clayton, T & Craig, P 1999 Detail
12798 Red Arrows: Reds, Rolling Now! WH Allen & Co Plc Cooke, G 1987 Detail
12799 Detailing Scale Model Aircraft Airlife Publishing Ltd Ashey, M 1994 Detail
12800 Red Arrows 1984 CPL 1984 Detail
12801 RAF Today Bison Books Ltd Hall, AW 1992 Detail
12802 History of the Royal Navy Bison Books Ltd Preston, A 1983 Detail
12803 History of the Grand Prix Bison Books Ltd Henry, A 1990 Detail
12804 Leaders of Britain in the RAF Hutchinson & Co Pollard, AO (Capt) 0 Detail
12805 Over to You: New Broadcasts by the RAF Air Ministry 1943 Detail
12806 Battle of Flanders 1940, The HMSO Hay, I 1941 Detail
12807 Tiger Kills, The HMSO 1944 Detail
12808 Britain's Air Power Clarendon Press Shepherd, EC 1940 Detail
12809 My Name is Frank: a Merchant Seaman talks George Allen & Unwin Ltd Laskier, F 1941 Detail
12810 Northern Garrisons, The HMSO Linklater, E 1941 Detail
12811 Campaign in Burma, The HMSO 1946 Detail
12812 Land at War: the official story of British farming 1939-1944 HMSO 1945 Detail
12813 His Majesty's Minesweepers HMSO 1943 Detail
12814 Destruction of an Army: First Campagne in Libya Sept 1940-Feb 1941 War Office: HMSO 1941 Detail
12815 Grim Glory: Pictures of Britain Under Fire Lund Humphries - Scribners Carter, E (ed) 1941 Detail
12816 German-Polish Relations and the Outbreak of Hostilities HMSO 1939 Detail
12817 Rhymes of the RAF Methuen & Co Ltd Brown, CLM 1925 Detail
12818 No Gum, Chum! Ve Edition "Stil" "Stil" 1945 Detail
12819 Q357: od RWD do MiGa Wydawnictwo Ministerstwa Obrony Narodowej Szajewski, Z 1956 Detail
12820 Q358: Ships of the Royal Navy Sampson, Low McMurtrie, FE 1942 Detail
12821 Q359: Graf Zeppelin: The Adventures of an Aerial Globetrotter Frederick Muller Vaeth, JG 1959 Detail
12823 Q361: Aviation in Scotland Glasgow Branch, RAeS Gillies, JD & Wood, JL 1966 Detail
12825 Q363: AP1079 - Fairey Fawn, 450-H.P. Napier Lion Engine Air Ministry 1924 Detail
12826 Q364: HB800 - Notes on the ABC Gnat Engine Air Board 1918 Detail
12827 Q365: Design for Flight: The Kurt Tank Story Macdonald Conradis, H 1960 Detail
12828 Q366: Helicopter and how it flies, The Pitman Fay, J 1959 Detail
12829 Q367: Flugfunkwesen Volckmann Mobius, K & Garczyk, J 1938 Detail
12830 Q368: Aeromodeller Annual 1955-1956 The Model Aerronautical Press Laidlaw-Dickson, DJ & Rushbrooke, CS 1955 Detail
12831 Q369: Approach to Aircraft Recognition Argus Press Miller, JGM & Harris, DM 1942 Detail
12832 Q370: Plane Facts & Features Argus Press Tennant, R 1942 Detail
12833 Q371: Fleet Air Arm Ian Allan Taylor, JWR 1963 Detail
12834 Q372: Forty years on . . .1909-1949 Handley Page Ltd 1963 Detail
12835 Q373: History of British Rotorcraft 1866-1965, A Westland Helicopters Brie, RAC 1968 Detail
12836 Q374: Journal of RAeS Aug 1940, No 356, Vol XLIV RAeS 1940 Detail
12837 Q375: Sopwith Fighters, The Arms & Armour Bruce, JM 1986 Detail
12838 Q376: Galeb Jet Trainer Enterprise Soko Mostar 0 Detail
12839 Q377: Jastreb Strike and Armed Reconnaissance Aircraft Enterprise Soko Mostar 0 Detail
12840 Q378: G-4 Super Galeb Jet Trainer Enterprise Soko Mostar 0 Detail
12841 Q379: Hawker Siddeley 748 Hawker Siddeley Aviation 0 Detail
12842 Q380: UTVA-75 UTVA 1983 Detail
12843 Q381: Twin Otter 300M de Havilland Canada 1975 Detail
12844 Q382: Belfast CMk1 Short Bros and Harland 1963 Detail
12845 Q383: Saab 35 Draken Saab-Scania 1960 Detail
12846 Q384: Hawker Siddeley Trident 3B HSA 1970 Detail
12847 Q385: de Havilland Vampire de Havilland 1949 Detail
12848 Q386: Smithsonian Annals of Flight Vol 1, No 2 - The First Airplane Diesel Engine Smithsonian Institution Meyer, RB 1964 Detail
12849 Q387: Smithsonian Annals of Flight Vol 1, No 3 - Liberty Engine 1918-1942, The Smithsonian Institution Dickey, PS 1968 Detail
12850 Q388: Atlantic Bridge HMSO 1943 Detail
12851 Q389: Development of the Guided Missile Flight Gatland, KW 1952 Detail
12852 Q390: Basic Hydraulics (NAVPERS 16193) US Navy 1952 Detail
12853 Q391: 1762 Electrical and Radio Notes for Wireless Operators Air Ministry 1939 Detail
12854 Q392: Gas Turbines and Jet Propulsion for Aircraft Flight Smith, GG 1944 Detail
12855 Q393: Flying Machine from an Engineering Standpoint, The Constable Lanchester 1916 Detail
12856 Q394: Flutter of Monoplanes, Biplanes and Tail Units (Reports & Memoranda No 1255) Aeronautical Research Committee Frazer, RA & Duncan WJ 1931 Detail
12857 Q395: Aluminium Alloys High Duties Alloy Group Zeerleder, A v (trans Field AJ 1936 Detail
12858 Q396: RAeS Journal XLIII RAeS 1938 Detail
12859 Q397: Spinning of Aeroplanes, The (Reports and Memoranda No 1001) Aeronautical and Reseach Committee Gates SB & Bryant, LW 1926 Detail
12860 Q398: Practical Mathematics Stage II - Workshop Mathematics Part II Macmillan Castle, F 1948 Detail
12861 Q399: Stresses and Thrusts Batsford Middleton, GAT 1904 Detail
12862 Q400: Mechanical Engineering Science Longmans, Green Morley, A & Hughes E 1958 Detail
12863 Q401: History of Aeronautics, A Collins Vivian, EC & Lockwood Marsh, L 1921 Detail
12864 Q402: Complete Air Navigator, The Pitman Bennett, DCT 1942 Detail
12865 Q403: Aeroplane Structure, The Pitman Kermode AC 1940 Detail
12866 Q404: DH - An Outline of de Havilland History Faber Sharp, CM 1960 Detail
12867 Q405: Aircraft Maintenance Pitman Brimm, DJ & Boggess, HE 1940 Detail
12868 Q406: DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 300 - Technical Description: Aeroc 6.1.G.6 Issue 17 Revision 1 de Havilland Canada 1977 Detail
12869 Q407: DHC-5D Buffalo - Technical Description: Aeroc 5D.1.G.7-1 Issue 5 de Havilland Canada 1977 Detail
12870 Q408: 101B-1301-1A Hunter F Mk6 & 6A Aircraft Ministry of Defence (Air) 1977 Detail
12871 Q409: Lecture Notes for the Goblin Instruction Course de Havilland Technical Service 1946 Detail
12872 Q410: Research and Development Contributions to Aviation Progress (RADCAP Study) Vol II Appx 1-9 US Dept of Defense 1972 Detail
12873 Q411: Die-Casting Process and Its Applications Industrial Press, New York Herb, CO 1936 Detail
12874 Q412: Aeronautics: Heavier-Than-Air Aircraft Science Museum: HMSO Davy, JB 1949 Detail
12875 Q413: Problems in Heat Engines Edward Arnold Publishers Ltd Richmond, AJ 1957 Detail
12876 Q414: Airframes: a Manual for Mechanics and Students Pitman & Sons Ltd Corlett, JC 1942 Detail
12877 Q415: Flying Scale Models Model Aeronautical Press Ltd. Moulton, RG 1956 Detail
12878 Q416: Small Two-Stroke Aero Engines Pitman & Sons Ltd Caunter, CF 1936 Detail
12879 Q417: Dornier 228-200/201 Type Specification Dornier GmbH 1984 Detail
12880 Q418: Dornier 228: Specification Appendix B, Optional Equipment Dornier GmbH 1986 Detail
12881 Q419: Dornier 228: Specification Appendix C, Performance Dornier GmbH 1986 Detail
12882 Q420: Theory of Structures Longmans Green & Co Morley, AM 1912 Detail
12883 Q421: Steel Tables Dorman, Long & Co Morley, AM 1913 Detail
12884 Q422: Infantry Training Vol I, Infantry Platoon Weapongs Pamphlet No. 4, The Sub-Machine Gun War Office 1955 Detail
12885 Q423: DeHavilland Jet Engines DeHavilland Engine Co Ltd Moullt, ES 1946 Detail
12886 Q424: Technicalities Without Tears: or GEN. the Common Sense of It DeHavilland Propeller Tech Serv. 0 Detail
12887 Q425: Aeroplane Design and Inherent Stability McBride, Nast 7 Co Barnwell, FS & Sayers, WH 1916 Detail
12888 Q426: Understanding Aero Engines by Question and Answer English Universities Press Ltd Hazell, W 1943 Detail
12889 Q427: Aerodynamics of the Aeroplane Thomas Nelson & Sons Ltd Cowley, WL 1943 Detail
12890 Q428: Science of Flight and its Practical Application: Vol I - Airships and Kite Balloons Crosby Lockwood & Son Sumner, PH (Capt) 1926 Detail
12891 Q429: Guided Missiles in War and Peace Harvard University Press Parson, NA 1956 Detail
12892 Q430: Supercharging the Internal Combustion Engine McGraw-Hill Book Co Inc Vincent, ET 1948 Detail
12893 Q431: Primer of the Internal Combustion Engine Constable & Co Ltd Wimperis, HE 1939 Detail
12894 Q432: Aircraft Engine Maintenance John Wiley & Sons Inc Suddeth, JH 1944 Detail
12895 Q433: Aeronautical Engineering Odhams Press Ltd Beaumont, RA (ed) 0 Detail
12896 Q434: Landing Legs, Wheels and Brakes George Newnes Ltd Molloy, E (ed) 0 Detail
12897 Q435: Autogenous Welding (Oxy-Acetylene), a Practical Manual Charles Griffin & Co Ltd Granjon, R & Rosemberg, P 1917 Detail
12898 Q436: Islander Aircraft Owner's Handbook Britten-Norman (Bembridge) Ltd Granjon, R & Rosemberg, P 1975 Detail
12899 Q437: Constant Speed Control Unit, DH Airscrew DeHavilland Aircraft Co Ltd 0 Detail
12900 Q438: Elektron Magnesium Alloys 'Elektron' manufacturers 1928 Detail
12901 Q439: Applied Mechanics Longmans, Green & Co Morley, A 1943 Detail
12902 Q440: Mechanics Applied to Engineering Longmans, Green & Co Goodman, J 1912 Detail
12903 Q441: Workshop Mathematics Part I MacMillan & Co Ltd Castle, F 1947 Detail
12904 Q442: Construction and Working of Internal Combustion Engines Constable & Co Ltd Mathot, RE 1910 Detail
12905 Q443: Magnesium and Its Alloys HMSO Haughton, JL & Prytherch, WE 1937 Detail
12906 Q444: Hydraulic Equipment George Newnes Ltd Molloy, E (ed) 0 Detail
12907 Q445: Airscrews Part 1 George Newnes Ltd Molloy, E (ed) 1940 Detail
12908 Q446: Airscrews Part 2 George Newnes Ltd Molloy, E (ed) 1940 Detail
12909 Q447: Airframes Part 3 George Newnes Ltd Molloy, E (ed) 1940 Detail
12910 Q448: Bristol Fighter: Maximum Force on Fin and Rudder Air Ministry Bradfield, FB & Fairthorne, RA 1930 Detail
12911 Q449: Experiments on an AOE Aeroplane fitted with Pilot planes Air Ministry Scott-Hall, S 1930 Detail
12912 Q450: Index of Aeronautical Research Committee reports & memoranda 1Jan 25 to 28 Feb 27 Air Ministry 1927 Detail
12913 Q451: Index of Aeronautical Research Committee reports & memoranda 1 Sept 29 to 31 Dec 30 Air Ministry 1931 Detail
12914 Q452: 16th Wilbur Wright Memorial Lecture Royal Aeronautical Society Handley Page, F 1928 Detail
12915 Q453: Methods of Solving Special Geometric Problems in connection with Aircraft Design Royal Aeronautical Society Chaplin, HE 1938 Detail
12916 Q454: Parachutes Royal Aeronautical Society Soden, FO 1927 Detail
12917 Q455: Control Beyond the Stall Royal Aeronautical Society Lachmann, GV 1932 Detail
12918 Q456: Cruise of the Royal Air Force Far East Flight Royal Aeronautical Society Cave-Browne-Cave, HM: Group Captain 1929 Detail
12919 Q457: Elevators, Fins, Ailerons & C HMSO Irving, HB & Hankins, GA 1918 Detail
12920 Q458: Strength of Aircraft Elements Army-Navy Civil Committee USA 1942 Detail
12921 Q459: SAE Standards Handbook Society of Automotive Engineers USA 1953 Detail
12922 Q460: Chipmunk T10 Student Study Guide RAF Training Command 1969 Detail
12923 Q461: AP3307 Elementary Meteorology for Aircrew Ministry of Defence 1969 Detail
12924 Q462: Design of Aeroplanes, The Whittaker & Co Judge, AW 1916 Detail
12925 Battlefield Tour of Crete: 44 Para Bde (TA) Benjamin, MA (Capt) (ed) 0 Detail
12927 Bomber Pilot Arrow Books Cheshire, L - Group Captain 1954 Detail
12928 RAF Biggin Hill Landsborough Publications Ltd Wallace, G 1958 Detail
12929 Gunner's Moon: a memoir of the RAF night assault on Germany Futura Publications Ltd Bushby, J 1974 Detail
12930 Last Battle, The William Kimber & Co Ltd Henn, P 1957 Detail
12931 War in the Air: a fascinating survey of air power in the two World Wars Pan Books Ltf Bowman, G 1958 Detail
12932 Bombing of Nuremberg, The Futura Publications Ltd Campbell, J 1974 Detail
12933 Strike from the Sky: the Battle of Britain Story Four Square McKee, A 1967 Detail
12934 Sky Suspended, The Pan Books Ltd Middleton, D 1963 Detail
12935 Battle of Britain, The Transworld Publishers Ltd Bishop, E 1961 Detail
12936 I Was a Kamikaze New English Library Nagatsuka, R 1974 Detail
12937 Combat: European Theater World War II Dell Publishing Co Inc Congdon, D (ed) 1959 Detail
12938 Tail Gunner Jarrods Publishers Ltd Rivaz, RC 0 Detail
12939 Combat: Pacific Theater World Waar II Dell Publishing Co Inc Congdon, D (ed) 1958 Detail
12940 Mouchotte Diaries, The: 1940-1943 Panther Books Mouchotte, Rene 1957 Detail
12941 Guinea Pig Club New English Library Bishop, E 1973 Detail
12942 These Men are Dangerous: the Special Air Service at Waar Transworld Publishers Ltd Harrison, DI 1958 Detail
12943 Crowded Sky, The: An Anthology of Flight Transworld Publishers Ltd Duke, N & Lanchbery, E 1964 Detail
12944 Best Foot Forward Beacon Books, Odham Press Ltd Hodgkinson, C 1958 Detail
12945 Evidence in Camera: the Story of Photographic Intelligence in WWII Penguin Books Babington Smith, C 1961 Detail
12946 Fighter Pilots, The Transworld Publishers Ltd Sims, EH 1970 Detail
12947 White Rabbit, The: a British Agent's Adventures in France Pan Books Ltd Marshall, B 1954 Detail
12948 Taranto New English Library Newton, D & Hampshire, C 1975 Detail
12949 Duel Under the Stars: story of a German Night Fighter Pilot New English Library Johnen, W 1975 Detail
12950 Fighting Airman: The Way of the Eagle Ace Books Inc Biddle, CJ - Major 1968 Detail
12951 Book of Aircraft, The: Classics of Transportation Macdonald & Co Ltd Taylor, JWR 1968 Detail
12952 Fun of It, The Academy Chicago Publishers Earhart, A 1992 Detail
12954 Flying for the Fatherland: the Century's Greatest Pilot Bantam Books Lomax, J 1988 Detail
12955 Aircraft of the Soviet Union: the encyclopedia of Soviet aircraft since 1917 Osprey Gunston, B 1983 Detail
12956 Epic of Flight, The: The Soviet Air Force at War Time-Life Books Miller, R 1990 Detail
12957 Epic of Flight, The: Women Aloft Time-Life Books Moolman, V 1981 Detail
12958 World Flight: the Earhart Trail Iowa State University Press Pellegreno, AH 1971 Detail
12959 Lost Star: the Story of Amelia Earhart Scholastic Inc Lauber, P 1988 Detail
12960 Flying the Line Volume II: ALPA battles airline deregulation Air Line Pilots Association Hopkins, GE 2000 Detail
12961 Fall Out of Heaven: Autobiography Gibbs M Smith Inc Cheuse, A 1987 Detail
12962 'Upside-Down' Pangborn: King of the Barnstormers Aviation Book Co, Glendale Cleveland, CM 1978 Detail
12963 Hour of Gold, Hour of Lead Harcourt Brace Jovanovich Lindbergh, AM 1973 Detail
12964 Pilot: Tony LeVier Harper & Brothers Levier, T 1954 Detail
12965 Pilots' Book of Everest Doubleday, Doran & Co Inc Marquess of Douglas & Clydesdale 1936 Detail
12966 Air Spy: the story of photo intelligence in World War II Harper & Brothers Babington-Smith, C 1957 Detail
12967 Lonely Sky, The Cassell & Co Ltd Bridgeman, W & Hazard, J 1956 Detail
12968 Straight on Till Morning: Biography of Beryl Markham Vermilion Books Lovell, MS 1987 Detail
12969 Civil Aeronautics Manuals: Vol IV -- Manual 20:Pilot Certificates US Department of Commerce 1954 Detail
12970 Aircraft Recognition Manual Putnam & Co Ltd Gibbs-Smith, CH 1952 Detail
12971 1931 - Meteorological Handbook for Pilots and Navigators Air Ministry 1942 Detail
12972 Scourge of the Swastika: a Short History of Nazi War Crimes Cassell & Co Ltd Lord Russell of Liverpool 1955 Detail
12973 Last Enemy, The Macmillan & Co Ltd Hillary, R 1954 Detail
12974 I Flew for the Fuhrer Evans Brothers Ltd Knoke, H 1953 Detail
12975 Aircraft of the World Recognition Book Sampson Low, Marston & Co Ltd Talbot-Booth, EC (ed) 0 Detail
12976 Stuka Pilot Euphorion Books Rudel, HU 1952 Detail
12977 Wooden Wonder: the Story of the DeHavilland Mosquito Max Parrish Bishop, E 1959 Detail
12978 Claude Grahame-White Putnam Wallace, G 1960 Detail
12979 Aircraft Recognition Manual, The George Newnes Ltd Gibbs-Smith, CH 1944 Detail
12980 Kent Airfields Remembered Countryside Books Brooks, RJ 1990 Detail
12981 Nine Lives Hodder & Stoughton Deere, AC - Group Captain 1959 Detail
12982 Harvest of Messerschmitts: Chronicle of a Village at War - 1940 Frederick Warne Knight, D 1981 Detail
12983 Luton Municipal Aerodrome Official Opening -- Programme 1938 Detail
12984 Empire Air Day 1939 - Official Programme 1939 Detail
12985 Flier's Handbook: the Traveller's Complete Guide to Airports, Aircraft and Air Travel Pan Books 1978 Detail
12986 Aircraft of the Fighting Powers Vol I Harborough Publishing Co Ltd Cooper, HJ & Thetford, OG 1941 Detail
12987 Aircraft of the Fighting Powers Vol II Harborough Publishing Co Ltd Cooper, HJ & Thetford, OG 1941 Detail
Record 8000 - 8250 of 11707
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